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Popular Torrent Site RARBG Shuts Down

Popular Torrent Site RARBG Shuts Down

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September 7, 2010


Chao Fai You was born in China in 1976. He lived in a small village in Guangdong province with his parents and five siblings. He started to work at the age of 8 to help support his family. Chao Fai attended school until the fourth grade. At the age of 15, he became the only son in the family to migrate to Hong Kong to work to help support he family. He worked for two years as a waiter in a restaurant until he saved enough money to support his family back in China.

At the age of 17, Chao Fai immigrated to the United States. He arrived in San Francisco in 1994 and started working in the shipping industry. Over the years, he developed expertise in the field and relocated to Los Angeles where he manages an international freight forwarding company.

In 2000, Chao Fai married his wife and they now have two children. He has also become an active member of the Chinese community organizing various activities and events. He has been an international volunteer and he is an active advocate for improving the basic standard of living conditions in his village and other rural villages in China.

Chao Fai loves to travel and has recently visited Africa and South America. He also loves sports, especially basketball and soccer. He plays basketball twice a week with a group of friends. Chao Fai always looks forward to spending time with his family and also to reflecting on his past and the difficult times he had to go through to become a successful professional and proud citizen of the United States.

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